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12—Herald Chronicle, 2018 Leadership Franklin County

Cliff Wilson, COO Southern Tennessee Regional

Health System - Sewanee/Winchester


ultifaceted is a great term to use to describe Cliff Wilson’s job as South-

ern Tennessee Regional Health System chief operating officer, and it

is also fitting to say the same about the Chamber of Commerce’s Frank-

lin County Leadership program.

Bothoffer awide range of options to enhance residents andpatients’ experience.

WhenWilson isnot COOhe is enjoyingTimsFordLake, andafter going through

Franklin County Leadership, he just might have some other favorite spots to visit

in the future.

What makes the programmulti-faceted is class members see many different

organizations that include industrial, agricultural and government entities.

All of this shows how Franklin County is much more than what meets the eye

with the many amenities offered that a person would not normally see on a given


Franklin County Leadership is unique in that adults and high school students

are all put in one class to travel together, creating bonds that otherwise might not


Most of the class members said that Agriculture Day is their favorite, and for

Wilson, he chose the day because of a tour to Woodall Grain Company to learn

about how it has a global and national impact through commodities exchange


Wilson said it was something that impressed him that a company right in his

backyard has that big of an impact that extends well beyond the county’s borders.

Wilson said that getting exposed to everything going on in Franklin County was

something he really enjoyed. He added that it was a very well-run program, and

the enjoyment of the hosts/facilitators was impressive.

“I liked the interactionwithallmy other classmates, and I always like to get other

leaders perspectives to expandmy own knowledge,” he said.

Wilson also said this is a great way for folks to get to know the area they live and

in work.

All of the tour days took up almost a full day, so participants had to carve out a

whole day to go on the various trips around the county.

Wilson said he was concerned at first about finding the time in his schedule to

be at all the tour sessions, but after the first couple of hours hewas hooked.He said

being in the programwas the best time investment he could have made.

Just as the participants gave up their time to be available, all of the companies,

organizations and Wilson would like to extend their thanks to those who helped

make the most recent Leadership’s itinerary a resounding success.