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2—Herald Chronicle, 2018 Leadership Franklin County

Leadership Franklin County takes a tour of the Infiniti plant during the industrial

day of the voyage. Pictured are members of the program with employees of In-

finiti who graciously let the class see what day to day operations look like in the

plant. Claire Getty,Thompson Appalachian Hardwoods chief financial officer, lower

photo, talks with group members about safety before taking a tour of the saw mill.

—Staff Photo by Seth Byrd and provided


imitless opportunities exist in every industry.

Where there is an open mind, there will always

be a frontier, so said Charles F. Kettering, famous

American inventor, engineer and businessman.

Franklin County Chamber of Commerce Leadership

fulfills this mantra by taking participants through a very

diverse program that resembles all that the county has to


It helps program members familiarize themselves

even further with the county they live, work and go to

school in, shining the light on all the rich and economic

assortment that is abundant around Franklin County.

The assortment fosters a thriving community, creat-

ing a place that is unique, offering many a chance to ex-

pand their horizons.

Tennessee’s Threestar Program is geared to assist

communities’ development efforts and ensure they com-

pete at a higher level, enhancing and improving commu-

nity assets.

Offering a Leadership program is required to receive

the designation, and it helps communities secure devel-

opment opportunities.

The Leadership program turned 22 years old with

the most recent senior group, but it also featured a youth

class in its 18



Participants in the youth class were selected by a

Steering Committee through interviews and an applica-

tion process.

The adult class was also chosen through an applica-

tion process with members being selectively placed to-

gether, creating an opportunity to form unique relation-

ships that otherwise would not be possible.

Leadership Franklin County’s goal is for each partici-

pant to become involved in community service and give

back to the community.

The goal is accomplished by giving members tours

around a variety of industries and having the class attend

School Board and County Commission meetings.

The class learns about how the county operates daily,

and members develop skills as leaders so

they can go forth and be Franklin County’s

leaders of tomorrow.

The objective is fostered through mul-

tiple guided tours of the county’s institutions.

The tours encourage inquiry as the par-

ticipants explore the area’s history, agricul-

tural development, judicial department and

manufacturing sectors.

The final stop on the Leadership tour in-

volved members being taken to the Tennes-

see State Capitol where they met politicians

and a lobbyist to learn the how leaders work

together in all levels.

Through these visits, the participants

gain knowledge on how to lead, plus they

learn about practical avenues to cultivate

leadership aspirations.

Franklin County Chamber of Commerce Leadership