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Herald Chronicle, 2018 Leadership Franklin County—3


he Leadership Franklin County

Program ushered in a new class,

and fittingly went back in time

on Sept. 20, 2017, to learn about the

rich history that comes from the im-

mediate area.

The day began for the more than

20 participants in the hour before

the sun rises on Franklin County and

continued throughout the next eight

hours, touring the University of the

South, Sir John Templeton Library at

Sewanee and the Board of Education

building back inWinchester.

Starting out at the Chamber of

Commerce where lots of introductions

took place, the class found out who

would be taking the journey together

through the hills and farmland of

Franklin County. Then, it was time to

board vans and head to SUNRISE (The

Breakfast Place).

SUNRISE provided a great place to

fuel up for the day and to learn valu-

able information about leadership,

provided by the AMRotary Club.

The tour included Leadership’s fa-

cilitators walking participants through

the day’s details. All aspects of Leader-

ship were reviewed to help the tourists

for the day understand the program is

way more involved than just the basic


Leadership is about recognizing

talents in others and letting their tal-

ents blossom. In today’s fast, global

economy, people need to lead with a

teamwork mindset. The Rotary Club

made the class understand leadership

is changing from the way it used to be.

The club did an excellent job taking

the participants through all aspects of

a concept that is evolving like an ever-

changing world. After learning all the

surface details, the group boarded vans

and headed up Sewanee Mountain to

tour the University of the South to con-

nect personally with Franklin County

— from its rich history to its rich-in-

variety future.

On the mountain, first was a trip to

the new and improved Sewanee Inn.

Opened in 2014, it has been quite the

fixture for Franklin County with the

places’ beautiful pictures of historical

figures but with quaint and quiet look-

out views that could take ones’ breath


Following the Sewanee Inn, was

a tour of the University of the South

mixed in with a great history lesson

that shows the vast amount of past

accomplishments of the school and

Franklin County.

Jerry Smith, religious studies pro-

fessor emeritus, took the class through

the school’s rich past and how it ties

in with Franklin County. The class

learned how coal drove a railroad con-

struction and why it’s important to

use all the great current technology to

learn new things and to give back be-

cause that’s what leaders do.

Smith’s tour of campus also took

students through state-of-the-art


The jaw dropping beauty that is All

Saints Chapel engulfed the tourist’s at-

tention. The participants learned why

University of the South students can’t

step on the school’s official seal on the

floor until they graduate. They also

learned how the chapel was used by the

military to prepare for World War II.

After the tour through halls of his-

tory and the connection to how the

past moves forward, the tour group

broke for lunch and joined the univer-

sity’s students in the campus cafeteria.

Once refueled, the teampacked up and

headed to the Tennessee William’s


Fans of the arts would be jealous of

this tour.

Exploring the theater would make

the average person seem like a kid in

a candy shop. The black-box style the-

ater creates possibilities way beyond

just acting, including where to place

support props and proper lighting.

Then it was on to behind the scenes

where students can learn how to build

a set, make costumes, handle lighting

and deal with sound design — every-

thing that needs to happen to make a

play run.

The last stop in Sewanee before

heading back down the mountain was

at the Sir John Templeton Library for

a breathtaking view of Franklin County

from the balcony behind the building.

Back aboard the buses to finish

up the day, the group moved on to the

Franklin County Board of Education

building in Winchester to learn from

Director of Schools Stanley Bean and

the school system staff about the his-

tory of the schools and daily operations

— from transportation, preparing caf-

eteria food and how the school system

accommodates students with disabili-


Leadership class members stand in awe of the beauty that is the All

Saints Chapel during a tour of the prestigious University of the South.

—Staff Photo by Seth Byrd

History and Education

1418 Dinah Shore Blvd.

Winchester, TN

2176 Decherd Blvd.

Decherd, TN

517 Main Street

Huntland, TN


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Says It